Erica Goss

Driving Past Lettuce Fields on Highway 101


A freeway is a dream

where we move like

magic beings, too fast

to see the implications


of lettuce rows, the

men bent double,

knives out. Eyes on

the road, we lose


ourselves counting

signs, happy at

small diversions:

tumbling litter or


glass shards sizzling

in the sun. And if

the stink of fertilizer

blasts our bubble, we


step on the gas, keep

our gazes high above

the men lifting heads

from the ground


and tossing them onto

the back of the truck

they walk behind,

that never stops moving.

Erica Goss is the winner of the 2019 Zocalo Poetry Prize. Her collection, Night Court, won the 2017 Lyrebird Award from Glass Lyre Press. Recent and upcoming publications include Creative Nonfiction, North Dakota Quarterly, Spillway, A-Minor, Redactions, Consequence, Slant, The Sunlight Press, The Pedestal, San Pedro River Review, and Critical Read. Erica served as Poet Laureate of Los Gatos, CA, from 2013-2016. She edits the newsletter Sticks & Stones.

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