Judy Brackett

To the Boy, To the Dog, To the Farmer


All that shimmers is not

greener on the other side.


Tell that to the boy standing

at the schoolhouse door, looking

over his shoulder at the lemony

half-halo topping the eastern hills.


To the whipped dog, yipping,

hightailing it away,



To the farmer, tucking his bare feet

into cold Point Reyes sand,

his back to his faraway home,

salty winds all but blowing him over—

in those rolling whitecaps

he sees waves of grain

and dried cornstalks waiting

to be chopped down.


This morning’s handful

of dew-glazed strawberries,

riddled with ants.


Warm pie on the sill, meringue

weeping pearls,

tart sun beneath.


Incandescence everywhere,


promise and peril.

Judy Brackett's poetry chapbook, Flat Water: Nebraska Poems, was published by Finishing Line Press in 2019. Her poems have appeared in California Fire & Water, Epoch, The Maine Review, Commonweal, Midwest Review, Subtropics, Cultural Weekly, The Inflectionist Review, Crab Orchard Review, Catamaran, and elsewhere. Born in Nebraska, she has lived in the California foothills of the northern Sierra Nevada for many years. She is a member of the Community of Writers and has taught creative writing and English literature and composition at Sierra College. Her website is: www.judybrackettcrowe.com.

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