Daniel Lusk



Was it 40,000 years ago or only forty

when we learned to tilt our heads

so our noses would not keep our lips

from touching? But anyway before


that game of bobbing for apples floating

in a tub and our foreheads touched

or bumped, really, which was how

the thought of love got into my head.


And I still have the bony forehead welt,

like a sensor, sore if I press on it,

though that may have been

the corner of a bookshelf where I kept

my favorites—Eliot and Alcosser and Bly


—and hid the key to a diary with names

to help recall eye color and the shapes of lips

up close, droplets of water on the tips

of eyelashes and noses. Or tears, thanks be.

Daniel Lusk is the author of several collections of poetry and other books, most recently, The Shower Scene from Hamlet, poems, and The Vermeer Suite, art and poetry. Besides in Innisfree, individual poems will appear in 2021 issues of Gulf Coast, North American Review, Crosswinds, Massachusetts Review, Nimrod International Journal, Cloudbank, Stonecoast Review, The Orchards, and Live Encounters.

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