Patricia Waters

The Driver’s Seat

Those sweet old people—
he always drives,
sometimes speaking,
in command of the radio,
the wheel, the road—
she silent, in the passenger seat,
buckled close to the passenger door,
looking straight ahead,
focussed on what is to come,
wishing for it with all her heart.

Patricia Waters, born and reared in Nashville, has two books of poetry, both published by Anhinga Press: The Ordinary Sublime (2006) and Fallen Attitudes (2014). She used to teach. She writes letters, everything else, makes books, indulges in mail art. Last big work to come out was in the Flannery O'Connor Review in 2019. Having a history of collaboration with visual artists [Cy Twombly], she has something coming out this fall in Gemalte Tiere, published by Schirmer/Mosel in Munich. It's about a painting of a guinea pig, which is neither a pig nor from Guinea.

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