Jamie Brown

Dying Colors

I’m going up to where the autumn sun
casts sparkling light through burnished red and gold
above. I’ll wake one fine spring morning when
the sun is glinting off the dew-specked gold
of daffodils that make their headstrong way
up through the blanket of decaying leaves.
I wouldn’t blame you if you stopped to play
or marvel at the forest while it grieves
in autumn’s finery, colors like a king.
I’ll wait there for you, and I’ll smile to see
your face when I first make you out, picking
your way along the uncleared path to me,
the smell of leaf mulch and the songs of birds—
upwelling happiness beyond mere words.

Jamie Brown has been awarded both a Best Book of Verse and a Best Chapbook of Verse awards by the Delaware Press Association for Sakura: A Cycle of Haiku, and for The Delaware Bay: Poems, respectively. His work has been published in over forty publications (A.U. Literary, Amore: Love Poems, anthology), Bay to Ocean, Beltway Poetry Quarterly, The Broadkill Review, Cafe Review, California Quarterly, Connecticut River Review, Delaware Beach Life, Delaware Poetry Review, Delmarva Quarterly, Dreamstreets, Galley Sail Review, Gargoyle, Ginosko Literary Journal, Handbook for Mortals, 2nd ed., Howling Dog, Kipple, Maintenant, Midwest Poetry Review, Minimus, Mono, Musings, Nebo, Negative Capability, Parnassus Literary Journal, Phase & Cycle, Poet Lore, Poetry Motel, Potomac Review, Prints: Second Saturday Poets Anthology, Rat’s Ass Review, The Review (prev. The Belladonna Review), San Fernando Poetry Journal, So It Goes : the Literary Journal of the Kurt Vonnegut Museum and Library, Sons & Daughters Literary Journal, Spontaneous Combustion (mixed-media event), Brooklyn, NY, Sulphur River Literary Review, Tekintet (Budapest, Hungary), Three Line Poetry, Voices International, Winners, an anthology of the Wordworks Washington Prize, and Wordwrights! ). He has translated some of the work of Hungarian poet and scholar Dr. Laszlo Magyar into English and seen it published in The Sulphur River Literary Review. He has been been an associate editor and editor for four different publications over the years, was poetry critic for The Washington Times, and a member of the Poetry Committee of the Folger Shakespeare Library.

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