Jeff Mock

A Poem for the Letter A and All It Represents

AOM, 1938-2011


In my favorite photos of you,
You are absent. In this way,
The photos are true to life.
Except for this idea I have
Of you, you are gone,
Even from memory. So
I see you where I can:
In this photo of a dimly
Lit hallway
That seems to go on
Forever, and this photo of
A window that looks out
Onto a grainy moonscape,
And this photo of a winter
Field, the snow broken by
Broken cornstalks in
Their neat rows of longing.

Jeff Mock is the author of Ruthless (Three Candles Press, 2010). His poems appear in American Poetry Review, The Atlantic Monthly, The Georgia Review, New England Review, The North American Review, The Southern Review, and elsewhere. He directs the MFA program at Southern Connecticut State University and lives in New Haven, Connecticut, with his wife, Margot Schilpp, and their daughters, Paula and Leah.

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